Cosler's stance

Ethical Leadership

It is my personal belief that ethics and trust go hand in hand. A community leader must conduct themselves in a straightforward and honest manner in all their relationships. Truthfulness, transparency, and fair dealing should be required minimum standards. As an elected Village Trustee, I am proud to have upheld these standards.

I believe if we lead with virtue, we can earn the trust of the citizens of Cary. Simply put, ethical and honest leadership must be a requirement, not an option. When ethics are absent, trust is elusive.

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Cary’s recent history has been riddled with missteps and maneuvers that have diminished the public’s trust in our village government. Current leadership has taken our community down a path paved with zoning issues, development blunders, selective favoritism, and outright egotism. During the past two years, as an elected Trustee, I have worked hard to point out these flaws and pushed for rational decision making. As Mayor, I will uphold the rules and standards of our village while refining processes to ensure fairness for our residents.

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Economic Development

Our village remains landlocked by neighboring communities who have demonstrated a superior ability to attract quality businesses and developments. Downtown Cary has been in sharp focus, yet I believe we must broaden the scope and realize there are many areas of our town which need support and promotion. Attracting businesses that contribute to our sales tax base with help alleviate the tax burden on the average resident.

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Budget and Taxes

As a fiscal conservative, I have held the line on needless spending and voted against every proposed tax levy increase in my term. With proposed cuts in funding from the state, I would rein in discretionary spending while finding new sources of revenue to offset potential state cuts.

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Transparency and Trust

In my time as a Trustee, I have championed tirelessly for increased transparency in all village dealings. Against opposition, my efforts have led to video recording and live streaming of village meetings. I also pioneered the use of social media and community outreach to broaden the spectrum of communication channels available to Cary residents. Nonetheless, I have only begun to scratch the surface on this issue and I have many changes planned which will take this initiative further. Only with true transparency, can we begin to restore the trust of Cary citizens.

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