Jim Cosler, Candidate for Mayor

Jim Cosler has been a resident of Cary for nearly 14 years. He has had a successful career as a pilot with a major airline for decades. Prior to becoming a pilot, Jim studied aviation and business at Kent State University. He is an avid runner who has completed two Cary Half Marathons and two Chicago Marathons among his many running accomplishments.

Jim's two daughters were both raised here in Cary and are actively engaged in the community.

Jim became interested in local government over three years ago, when he saw the need for increased transparency within our village. Jim was inspired to run for Village Trustee in 2015, as a write-in candidate.

He won with the greatest number of votes of all the Trustee candidates, both write-in and those on the ballot, an unprecedented feat for a write-in candidate.

In his capacity as Trustee, Jim has championed transparency, open communications, and fiscal responsibility with an unwavering dedication to the people who elected him. Jim doesn't shy away from the tough questions and he will always stand up for what is right.

Truth, honesty, and a government of the people and for the people are the very foundation of his beliefs. Jim is enthusiastic at the prospect of leading Cary forward into a better and brighter future for our entire community.